Vodafone India (Punjab Circle) recharge error, and how PayTM saved my pizza

Being a Vodafone fan(and an active user for more than 6 years), it’s heartening to see Vodafone recharges being failed first time(at least for me) since a long time.

Online recharges are not working on Vodafone official website, PayTM and MobiKwik.

Vodafone and MobiKwik accepted payments, but failed the recharges.

Vodafone accepted the payment and mentioned that the recharge has been successful.
MobiKwik accepted the payment, and moved it to to Wallet as soon as it identified that the recharge failed.

In both the cases, amount was deducted from my account and this amount is virtually locked with Vodafone and Mobikwik. It is of no use to me for any other purpose (My Pizza is screwed).

However, (good guy) PayTM removed the option to recharge Vodafone numbers from the main selection dropdown on home page. This is a very good thing from a user’s point of view. I still have my money in my account only, and I can have my pizza with that money.

So yeah, even if this sounds a very minimal thing to someone, in my opinion it is a very good thing by PayTM. I will stick with it for next foreseeable future.

Thanks PayTM, you rock.