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The rise and rise of Amrinder Gill

It all started from a young guy with rabbit teeth, performing on “Lishkara” around the end of 20th century – Amrinder Gill – with his one of the first hit song : “Awaen hass ke na langheya kar ni…. saanu ishq ho gya…. tere naal… saanu ishq ho gya…”.

Next time I heard his popularity index to rise to an all new level was around 2003(I guess) with the ultimate sad song(that doesn’t sound like a sad song really) – “Dildariyan”.

Then after steadily growing for almost a decade in popularity and giving hits after hits… another milestone was when he started working in movies as well.

Ki samjhaiye, Yaariyan, Mera deewanapan, Pendu, Baapu…. and the list will probably never end…

The latest one is the movie “Angrej” – a terrific movie, a simple, sweet love story.

Amidst the ongoing so called “high-profile” movies going to international audience with flashy dresses and locations, along with unrealistic portraits of the Punjabi world, this movie “Angrej” will be remembered for a long time – at least I hope for it. Not just well spent 2.5 hours, but a time indulged in pure and simple Punjabi lifestyle – not that long ago.

It’s been a pleasure listening and watching you Amrinder Gill.

Keep soothing the ears with your sweet voice, with the support of your superb writers and the rest of the team.