Ups and Downs | Nov/Dec 2015

It’s been a month.

1 death.

3 marriages(including Mig’s).

1 close-encounter(of someone very close) with death(almost-kidney-failure).
Death of a first cousin(Dec 28, 2015).

A lot of to-and-from Jalandhar-Chandigarh.

Motion-sickness as of now – drove 2500km in last 10 days or so.

Month-end is approaching.
Year-end is approaching.
Salary-end is approaching.

But then:
New Month is approaching.
New Year is approaching.
New Salary is approaching.

Quoting an old Punjabi song:
“Jagg junction railan daa, Gaddi ik aawe ik jaawe…
Kai pehli laam charhe, baaki tiktaan laen musafir”

Roughly (literal) translates to:
“World is like a train-station, one arrives, another departs…
Someone is boarding, whilst others getting the tickets”