On love :(:):

The thing with true love is that nobody can take it away from you.

Not even the one that is being loved.

Mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Wife. Husband. Daughter. Son.

Love is not something that you can feel in a short span of time.

It is like good alcohol. Keeps on getting better with time.

I love you.

These are never said with the right emotion.

Every time you say it, you know there is a next level that you can take your emotion to.

Love can only grow.

You can not suppress it, neither it gets diminished.

It flows. From you to someone. From you to someone else.

You cannot leave someone you love – unless you have moved to someone else for whom you have even stronger emotion of love.

Love yearns for more. It cannot be stopped. Stop trying. Let it grow. It is in your heart. You cannot control it.

It is the most basic emotion; and the most misunderstood.