CakePHP 2.x | Console | cake bake all | Windows + Linux

In CakePHP the “cake” (console) command can be used to bake scaffolding Model, View and Controller files (to quickly create content management system).

Following is the command
“cake bake all”

“cake” is the actual command.
“bake” and “all” are parameters (other options are available to selectively bake stuff – M/V/C).

“cake” is the Linux shell command.
It will not run on Windows, because it is a Linux shell command.

To run this on Windows you will need to use cake.php (available in the same folder – app/Console).

Since, by default, php path is not available in command line, so you will need to provide php path also.

So, the final command will be something like following:
(assuming, XAMPP is installed – and, you are already in c:\xampp\htdocs\cakeproject\app\Console)

c:\xampp\php\php.exe cake.php bake all


Basic Linux shell commands for new users

touch a.txt (to create a new blank file)
ll (to list all the files in this folder)
ll | grep john (to filter the files matching the pattern – john – in this case)
ll | grep tac

chmod 0777 test_file (to make the file fully writable for all users – not recommended for production environment)
chmod 0777 test_folder (if this is a folder, then the permissions are set for this particular folder only)
chmod -R 0777 test_folder (Applies the permissions to all the folders and sub-folders inside this folder)